Trust Board

The Trust Board is responsible for the actions and decisions of the organisation. The Board comprises executive and non-executive members, and meets in public bi-monthly.

To support the Board a number of committees have been established. Each of these committees is chaired by a non-executive director. The committees are accountable to the Board for the work they undertake.

The committees are:

  •  Audit
  • Financial Planning and Investment
  • Integrated Performance
  • Safety and Quality
  • Integrated Workforce
  • Remuneration and Terms of Service 

There are other committees that have non-executive members, but meet less often. For example:

  • Mental Health and Capacity Act Committee.

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Trust Board Dates 2018

If you would like to attend any of the Trust Board meetings below, please contact the Executive Office on 024 7653 6673. 

27 November 2018

29 January 2019

26 March 2019



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