No Excuse for Abuse

No Excuse for Abuse - #NotPartoftheJob

No one should be subjected to abuse of any kind from service users and the public while at work.

No one working on behalf of CWPT should ever feel devalued in their role or because of their race, disability, sexual orientation, beliefs, or any aspect of their identity.

We stand together with our staff against any form of discrimination and abuse and as an organisation we will use all powers available to us to protect them. To this end, we have launched a #NoExcuseforAbuse campaign.

Useful Resources

Inclusion Starts With I - a video highlighting how our differences can make us feel excluded and/or misunderstood

What is White Privilege? - Psychologist John Amaechi explains the implications of white privilege and why it isn't a bad thing

Stand by Me - "It can be difficult to know what action to take, or whether help is needed at all. Remember that there are always safe and simple ways you can challenge hate without stepping out of your comfort zone." This website contains useful resources to "empower people to assist victims of bullying, harassment or hate through safe bystander intervention"

Unconscious Bias - Psychologist John Amaechi explains how unconscious bias affects us all in this short video

Microaggressions - A light animation to simplify different types of microaggressions 

UNISON is a public service and members-led trade union organisation. Its main role is to organise campaigns and industrial actions to address workplace issues relevant to its members. 

The Importance of Empathy - This short animation clearly explains the science of empathy and how we can be actively empathic 

Not Racist Vs Anti-Racist - Are they the same thing? This video explains the key differences between the two



Gender Identity and Pronouns – a simple, animated video that clearly explains how to navigate unfamiliar conversations

Best Practices For Using Pronouns in The Workplace – this video teaches staff how and why pronouns are used in professional settings

Gender Identity and Sexuality: The Difference Between the Two – what’s the difference between gender identity and sexuality? This article states the differences between the two

If There Is A Gay Pride, Why Isn't There A Straight Pride? – this article explains the importance of ‘Gay Pride’ and why there isn’t a ‘Straight Pride’.

LGBTQ Pride: Should Straight People Attend? – an insight into allyship and how to actively support the LGBTQ+ community

5 common misconceptions about pansexuality – what pansexuality means and why it has its own term