Other Rights

The Care Quality Commission

Under the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA), an organisation called the Care Quality Commission (CQC), helps to ensure  patients are well cared for. People called Commissioners regularly visit hospitals. If they plan to visit your ward you will be told they are coming. You are free to meet them in private and tell them about any concerns you have. Detained patients can also complain to the CQC about any part of their care and treatment but normally it is best to use the hospital complaints system first.

Independent Mental Health Advocates

An Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA) is someone completely independent of your care team. It sometimes helps to have an independent person to explain about being on a section and this is what an IMHA does. If you want to speak to, or meet with an IMHA, one of the nurses on your ward will put you in touch with them.

Having an IMHA does not stop you also having a solicitor, or general advocate, or a member of our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) team to offer you support. Our PALS team can be contacted by telephone on 024 7653 6804 / 0800 212 445.

Making a complaint

If you are not happy about something but not sure you want to make a formal complaint you can speak to a member of staff directly. Alternatively you can contact the PALS team on freephone 024 7653 6804 / 0800 212 445. If you decide you want to make a formal complaint, please find information here.