Research Performance

NIHR Performance Metrics

The Government wants to see a dramatic and sustained improvement in the performance of providers of NHS services in initiating and delivering clinical research. As part of this incentive, the Department of Health requires, via the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), contracts with providers of NHS services, and the publication on a quarterly basis of information regarding:

         i) the 70-day benchmark for clinical trial initiation; and 
         ii) the recruitment to time and target for commercial contract clinical trials.


We have set out our performance for the past two quarters in the documents below. (Note: we are currently recruiting participants to many clinical trials, and have several in set up that have not yet received a valid application from the study team).


Performance in Initiating Research Studies

Q1 2019 - 2020.pdf [pdf] 157KB

Q2 2019 - 2020.pdf [pdf] 131KB

Q3 2019 - 2020.pdf [pdf] 228KB


Q1 18 - 19.pdf [pdf] 138KB

Q2 18 - 19.pdf [pdf] 55KB

Q3 18 - 19.pdf [pdf] 48KB

Q4 18-19.pdf [pdf] 132KB


Q1 17-18.pdf [pdf] 158KB

Q2 17-18.pdf [pdf] 96KB

Q3 17-18.pdf [pdf] 141KB

Q4 17-18.pdf [pdf] 124KB


Q1, 16-17.pdf [pdf] 98KB

Q2 16-17.pdf [pdf] 194KB

Q3 16-17.pdf [pdf] 145KB

Q4 16-17.pdf [pdf] 102KB

Q1 15-16.pdf [pdf] 79KB

Q2 15-16.pdf [pdf] 83KB

Q3 15-16.pdf [pdf] 236KB

Q4 15-16.pdf [pdf] 215KB


Performance in Delivering to Commercial Studies

Q1 2019 - 2020 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 130KB

Q2 2019 - 2020 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 90KB

Q3 19-20 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 192KB


Q1 18 - 19 Commerical Studies.pdf [pdf] 65KB

Q2 18 - 19 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 36KB

Q3 18 - 19 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 186KB

Q4 18 - 19 Commerical Studies.pdf [pdf] 66KB


Q1 17-18 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 65KB

Q2 17-18 Commerical Studies.pdf [pdf] 36KB

Q3 17-18 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 83KB

Q4 17-18 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 53KB


Q1 16-17 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 162KB

Q2 16-17 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 77KB

Q3 16-17 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 97KB

Q4 16-17 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 44KB

Q1 15-16 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 126KB

Q2 15-16 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 74KB

Q3 15-16 Commercial-Studies.pdf [pdf] 240KB

Q4 15-16 Commercial Studies.pdf [pdf] 158KB



Clinical Trial: Medical research procedures conducted to allow safety and adverse effects of interventions, their efficacy, or their effectiveness to be established often by comparison with placebo interventions. Interventions may be drugs, diagnostics, prophylactics, surgery, devices, non- invasive therapies, screening or other healthcare procedures or technologies.

Commercial Clinical Trial: A clinical trial that is solely funded and sponsored by industry in which:

  • The trial sponsor is the industrial company;

  • The trial is carried out with the aim of generating data for purposes such    as  Marketing Authorisations, safety monitoring and supportive evidence for claims;

  • The sponsor owns all the trial data and all Intellectual Property and Know How arising directly from the trial.


Research Strategy.pdf[pdf] 617KB