Current Research Studies

GLAD Study - Anxiety and Depression

The GLAD Study is a project set up to explore risk factors in individuals who have experienced depression and/or anxiety, including those with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, OCD,  
or related disorders, at any time in their lives.   GLAD Study - Anxiety and Depression.pdf [pdf] 149KB


Vision in Parkinson’s Disease

The study purposes are to improve our understanding of the changes in visual processing that take place in different forms of Parkinson’s Disease over time and help measure effectiveness of future treatments.  Vision in Parkinsons Disease.pdf [pdf] 182KB


Prevalence of pathogenic antibodies in psychosis II.  PPIP2.pdf [pdf] 138KB


Implementation of Cognitive Remediation into Early Intervention Services.  The CIRCuiTS Study Summary.pdf [pdf] 296KB


Detecting susceptibility genes for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease.  AD GENETICS - Study Summary.pdf [pdf] 306KB


Researchers at University College London (UCL) are running a project about Acute Day Units (ADUs) and Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams (CRHTTs).  AD-CARE - Study Summary.pdf [pdf] 294KB


Long-term follow-up of HIV-infected persons seen since 1996 in seven major UK centres.  UK CHIC.pdf [pdf] 115KB

Commercial Research and Industry Performance

A key priority for the Department of Health, Trusts and Research Networks is to engage with industry. As a Trust we express an interest in an average of ten commercial trials per year.

Historically these have been within Mental Health Services, and since 2010 we have delivered 8 studies to time and target in this area. During 2017, they have undertaken a dementia trial and two trials within Sexual Health Services. We have recently been selected as a site for a mental health trial to run within IPU 10-17, and two Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) trials in children and adolescents, to run within Children and Family Services (CFS).

Kay Wright, R&I Manager, says: “Branching out into other areas within the Trust and securing commercial trials is a major achievement for Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust and we are excited to be working with commercial and industry partners to encourage and enable Research and Innovation advances to take place.”

For information on these trials and other Research & Innovation studies / trials please click here.