Our Strategy and Development

Through 2021/22 we reviewed our vision, values, core purpose and strategic priorities. We have undertaken a six-month programme of engagement activities with staff, volunteers, patients and service users, and Healthwatch representatives. More than 1,000 people shared their views via meetings, surveys, discussions and focus groups.  People at our heart branding

People at our heart emerged as a key theme and has been established as the guiding principle underpinning our new vision, core purpose and values, with the core purpose, vision and values set out below. 

Our core purpose

Making a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of people and communities who need our services.

Our vision

To Become an innovative, forward thinking, and inclusive teaching organisation, enabling us to provide consistently high quality, safe, and compassionate care.

Our values

Feedback showed that our values are well-embedded and widely known. However, to enhance this we have refreshed the supporting statements and introduced a fifth value, integrity.



We are compassionate, kind and caring to everyone, including people who use our services and people we work with.


We are civil and respectful. We celebrate diversity and always appreciate the views of other people.


We take pride in involving people and working together as an inclusive team, both within our organisation, and in co-production with service users, carers, partners, local community groups and others.


We always do our best and seek to achieve excellence in all we do. We innovate and try out new things, and when things don’t go to plan we embrace this as an opportunity to learn and improve.


We do the right thing and people can trust us. We are open, honest and transparent, even when things go wrong.