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research conference speaker We launched our first Research and Innovation Strategy in September 2015. The aim of this strategy is to help us move from being a Trust that is research-friendly to one that is truly research active.

The Strategy is closely aligned to the core Visions and Values of the Partnership Trust, particularly Achieving Excellence.

Seeking Excellence best demonstrates the role that research can play in delivering our Vision, as this makes explicit reference to innovation and generating and using the best available evidence in the delivery of patient care: ‘Seeking excellence means aiming to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients, service users and carers using innovation and evidence-based care. It embraces continuous service improvement and innovation and the most effective use of resources.’

R&I Team
We aim to provide the highest quality evidence-based care, and to seek to drive forward  the development of best practice. Research and Innovation are key to living up to all of these values, and to achieving Quality Improvement outcomes associated with these values. Without a strong commitment to Research and Innovation - to finding new, better, efficient and patient-centred ways of delivering care, we cannot deliver on our core Values.

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The Trusts Research & Innovation Department (R&I) is largely funded by the NHS National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to recruit patients to NIHR Portfolio and Commercial studies. We are part of the West Midlands Division.

Group work Our mission is to embed a culture of Research and Innovation within the Trust in order to make patients, and the NHS, better. Our success is demonstrated by a gradual growth in the team over the years. We started off with just two Clinical Studies Officers (CSOs) and now our full team comprises of an Associate Director of R&I, Head of R&I Operations, Lead Research Nurse Manager, 3 Research Nurses, 2 Clinical Studies Officers, 4 Clinical Studies Assistants, R&D Facilitator, Communications & Marketing Officer, Research Administrator and Service User Research Champion.

Colleagues within the Research & Innovation (R&I) Department liaise with Trust clinicians to identify service users who are suitable for participation in studies  and provide interested patients and carers with more detailed study information. In many cases the CSO takes written consent and conducts the baseline assessments.

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