Race equality


Our Trust believes that a firm philosophy drives any development for minority ethnic groups. This philosophy must be based on equality. Service users from the white, indigenous population have access to a range and choice of service provision, including specialist input. This choice and equality of service provision should also be available to everyone - including all minority groups.

Equality does not mean choice of the same service provision, but rather a service which will embrace both cultural and linguistic diversity, and one that is appropriate for these communities.


Click on a link below to download Race Equality Documents:

Anti Racist Language.pdf [pdf] 65KB

Chaplaincy Service.pdf [pdf] 78KB

Ethnic Breakdown.pdf [pdf] 42KB

Religious Guidance.pdf [pdf] 62KB

Caring for a Sikh Patient.pdf [pdf] 106KB

Caring for a Sikh Patient - Pocket Guide.pdf [pdf] 37KB

Multi-Cultural Handbook.pdf [pdf] 3MB


Staff Profile

The data breakdown about age, gender and ethnic group can be found in the workforce data spreadsheet (displayed in the Workforce Data 2011 link).

Please note: Although the questionb is asked, staff are not obliged to disclose their disability, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, religion or belief so this data is difficult to capture.



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