Loved one in hospital

Loved one in hospital

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Loved one in hospital

Image loved one in hospital

Having a loved one admitted to hospital is always a concerning time. The restrictions to visiting whilst they are in hospital can increase our fears and anxieties. If possible, before your loved one is admitted, discuss with them how they want to keep in touch – for example texts, group texts, telephone calls, video calls etc.

Agree who will be the person that will speak to the hospital staff and how they will share updates. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, if you were visiting you would be able to do this.  The staff will be keen to help you.

During their hospital stay, it may be helpful for you to write a diary of what has happened. This could include what the hospital has shared about their illness, but also what has been happening at home with friends and family.  It is often really comforting to share this with your loved one, when they return home.

When you are able to call them, make the most of this time. Try and plan in something pleasurable for you both.  For example listen to some music, look at photographs, share the newspaper, do a crossword etc.  If it feels overwhelming to talk in the moment, then reading out thoughts that you have already written down, may feel more manageable. Remember they might be tired so try to keep the calls brief.

It is also important to ensure that you are kind to yourself.  Try to keep up with those things that may help you improve your emotional wellbeing.

If there are any particular issues or concerns which you wish to raise, Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS) are available at every hospital.

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