Healthy routine

Healthy routine

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Develop and keep a healthy routine everyday for body and mind

HealthyRoutineTo keep emotionally well we have to develop a healthy way of doing things every day.


  1. Set a daily routine: eat well, sleep, rest and exercise regularly. Don’t over work or do too little. Manage healthy alcohol consumption. Make a plan and try to stick to it.
  2. Do things that make you feel good as many times a day as possible: things that help you feel you’ve achieved something, have meaning for you, that soothe your mind and body, have some fun.
  3. Practice focusing on positive emotions as often as possible every day: things or people you are grateful for, appreciate or are proud of.
  4. Reduce contact with things that trigger negative emotions: limit news consumption and seek information from reliable sources,  don’t “compare the despair” with others on social media.


It takes practice to learn new skills and takes effort to change behaviours. It won’t happen straightaway. We will need to practice, practice, practice these things to get them to be what we do naturally.




Here some videos you may find helpful:

Behaviour Activation Video from CWPT IAPT Service 

Behavioural activation is an evidence-based treatment for depression. It is based on the idea that one way to combat low mood is to increase your activity level, especially in: pleasurable activity. tackling lists of tasks and responsibilities in a realistic and achievable way.

Dr Jivan Culshaw's advice on how to look after your physical and mental wellbeing

National Mind about TIPS for Relaxation 


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