Community Dental Service

The Community Dental Service is a specialised service providing dental treatment for children, adults and older people in Coventry who because of a mental or behavioural impairment or disability, are unable to access a general dental practice for dental care.

Our staff have expertise in the care, management and understanding of people with special needs. The provision of this dedicated care is often complex and challenging. 

We can offer treatment for people with:

  • learning difficulties;
  • mental health problems;
  • physical disability;
  • severe or complex medical problems;
  • social/emotional/behavioural problems;
  • people with severe anxiety and phobias

NHS dental charges apply as appropriate.

Services we provide are:

  • Routine dental care
  • A mobile dental unit that serves special needs
  • Domiciliary visit  for housebound patients who meet service criteria;
  • Sedation and general anesthetic for patients who meet service criteria. 
  • Oral Health Promotion


A written referral form is required from a health or social care professional. An assessment appointment will then be made to plan treatment as necessary. 

Please download the form below and email to:

NEW CCDS Acceptance Rejection Criteria -Dec 2022.doc [doc] 342KB
NEW CCDS Referral Form Dec 2022.docx [docx] 48KB