Learning Disability Services

Health Facilitation

Annual Health Check Resources:

  1. 'Don’t Miss Out' campaign resources
  2. Easy read information on a wide range of health topics
  3. EMIS set up guide for Annual Health Check Template
  4. RCGP Toolkit for Annual Health Checks
  5. Top 10 Reasonable Adjustments (Mencap Treat Me Well Campaign)
  6. New Learning Disabilities Oral Care Guidance
  7. Community Learning Disability Team Leaflet.pdf [pdf] 804KB
  8. Learning Disabilities Resource Pack for General Practice.pdf [pdf] 2MB
  9. My maternity book.pdf [pdf] 875KB
  10. NHS Right Care Pathway - Diabetes.pdf [pdf] 890KB
  11. Technical requirements for 2015-16 GMS contract changes.pdf [pdf] 350KB
  12. Easy read Health Action Plan Template.docx [docx] 276KB

Video Resources:

Sepsis information for family and carers of People with a Learning Disability

Training Resources

E-learning Resources:

  1. Blackboard Learn - course for Transforming Learning Disability Services, from NHSE
  2. E-GP (via E-learning for Health)
  3. MIND Ed Hub - Free e-learning modules available covering people LD and people and at risk of behaviours that challenge, people with LD and who have mental health conditions and people with LD and who have Autism. 


The Learning Disabilities Mortality Review Programme (LeDeR)

Contextual information:

  1. LeDeR Mortality Reviews – full report
  2. LeDeR Mortality Reviews – easy read
  3. Confidential Inquiry into the premature deaths of people with learning disability report (CIPOLD) 
  4. Confidential Inquiry into the premature deaths of people with learning disability report (CIPOLD) Easy Read
  5. Government response to Leder programme 2nd annual report.pdf [pdf] 188KB

Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) - Learning into Action network:
The new ‘Learning into Action network’ (LiAN) has been developed with the aim to create a discussion and learning environment and repository to host resources and information connected to the learning emerging from mortality reviews. If you want to engage, share resources, learn about solutions identified from completed mortality reviews and find out about innovative practice happening across the country, please email england.ldmortalitynetwork@nhs.net to join this growing network.

National Reports

  1. The NHS Long Term Plan for learning disability and autism was released at the beginning of January. For autistic people and people with a learning disability the plan includes the following:
  • Investment in community support so that by 2023/24 every local health system would have a seven day specialist multidisciplinary service and crisis care to support people in their communities.
  • Implementing in full ‘Building the Right Support’: by March 2023/24, inpatient provision will have reduced to less than half of 2015 levels.
  • Over the next three years, waiting times for autism diagnosis will be included alongside work with children and young people’s mental health services to test and implement the most effective ways to reduce waiting times for specialist services.
  • Children and young people with a learning disability, autism or both with the most complex needs will have a designated keyworker.
  • The STOMP programme –  a national project involving different organisations to stop the over medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both - will continue to expand.
  • Every person with a learning disability, autism or both will have a digital flag in their patient record to ensure staff have a better understanding of their needs.
  • Eyesight, hearing and dental services for children will be invested in and included in reviews as part of general screening services and supported by easily accessible, ongoing care.
  • Over the next five years NHS Improvement learning disability improvement standards will be implemented and will apply to all services funded by the NHS.
  • The NHS will continue to offer more work opportunities to people with a learning disability and autistic people.