Tissue Viability Patient Stories

Here is a selection of feedback from patients treated by the Tissue Viability Service:

Patient A
“Psychologically I was very depressed about non improvement of my ulcer. Walking became extremely painful and pain was causing a lack of sleep. The referral back to wound clinic was an excellent one because of previous good results.”

Patient B
“I suspect that if you mention “wound clinic” to the general public they would only have a vague idea of what you do. It is not just that you take, in my case, a pair of swollen, extremely wet, ulcerated legs and heal them but that by doing so you have enabled me to become more mobile which means that I can enjoy life again”.

Patient S
“I was a little apprehensive at first about attending the wound clinic. When I first had my appointment at the clinic I was feeling really anxious and worried, however my worries were soon gone when I realised how friendly, attentive and professional the wound clinic nurses were.”

Patient E
"All the team really are the best. My leg has improved since I have been attending the wound clinic and my quality of life has improved. I have been given so much valuable advice on exercising and diet.”

Patient I
"I would 100% recommended Tissue viability to a friend and that they have been supportive and patient towards me and towards my case and because of the wound clinic I feel like I have hope again.”

Patient C
"Within two and a half weeks of attending the wound clinic there was a ‘vast improvement’ and I reached the stage where the wound is dry and I have no pain. I am grateful for the day I was referred to the clinic and for the treatment received.”

Patient K
"Before compression I was in daily dressing’s and now am coming in 3 times a week and feel I am getting my life back, and the exudate is no longer burning my leg so my pain has improved."

Patient F from patient's daughter
“All of the wound clinic staff are specialists in their field, that every single one of them have people skills and are kindness itself, a thing you don’t come across very often in this day and age. These girls are worth their weight in gold. My mother’s legs now look like a 21 year old’s. The staff always make a fuss of her.”