Safe Staffing

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High quality, compassionate care is about people, not institutions. Getting the right staff with the right skills to care for our patients all the time is central to attaining this aim. 

As part of the Trust’s work to achieve this, we are committed to establishing what safe staffing levels means for our inpatient areas. We have established robust processes to make sure these nurse staffing levels are achieved on each shift every day. 

The documents we link to from this page will reflect our actions taken to meet the expectations of the government’s recent initiative to ensure safe staffing levels in all NHS services across the country. This includes a link to the work of the National Quality Board, the National Institute of Clinical Effectiveness (NICE) our Trust’s pages in the NHS website, and to our Trust Board papers each month.

Read the most frequently asked questions about Safe Staffing:

Safe Staffing Frequently asked questions.pdf [pdf] 220KB


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Below are the Trust's Board Reports on Safe Staffing

Safe Staffing Board Reports 2017

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Safe Staffing Board Reports 2016

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