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Working from more than 65 sites, including 124 buildings and covering around 900 square miles, we provide an extensive range of mental health, learning disability and community services to a population of more than one million people in Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull.

The role of procurement

The primary role of the procurement team is to support all service areas within the Trust providing procurement advice, guidance and support on a range of requirements for goods, works and services.

• Goods: All types of personal property including commodities, materials, supplies, and equipment

• Works: either the execution, or both the execution and design, of works related to one of the activities (building and civil engineering, installation and building completion work)

• Services: For example, health and social care services, education and health services

For full details please refer to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015: Public Contracts Regulations 2015

Advertising contract opportunities

In order to ensure opportunities are communicated fairly to suppliers, the Procurement Team does not hold or keep on file supplier information or manage select lists.

Depending on the total contract value, opportunities may be advertised on Contracts Finder, and if the total contract value is over the EU threshold, subject to the full procurement rules, therefore advertised on TED (Tender Electronic Daily).

Associated links for information: Contracts Finder. 

Procurement Policy Note 05/21: National Procurement Policy Statement sets out information and guidance for contracting authorities on the National Procurement Policy Statement

However when required, the Trust may have requirements that can be called off from framework arrangements. Examples of some of the frameworks the Trust may use are on the hyperlinks at the side of the page.

When the Trust 'calls off requirements from' or 'mini-compete' under the terms of Framework Agreements these opportunities will not be advertised.

About value threshold levels

Decisions affecting procurement routes should include consideration of  the total contract value over a four year term. This information should then be considered with regard to the EU guidance thresholds set biannually.

Typically, these opportunities may be referenced in conversation as 'OJEU opportunities'.

OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) is the publication in which all contracts from the public sector which are valued above a certain threshold must be published. This means that rather than being advertised in a more local way, the Contract will be advertised to the wider audience of Europe giving everyone an equal opportunity to Tender for this contract.

As from January 2020, the new threshold values that apply are as follows: Procurement Policy Note 06/19: New Thresholds 2020

For contracts values that fall below the OJEU thresholds, (the Trust may follow its own Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs.) These are currently set as:

* Forecasted spend between £10,001 and £50,000: To demonstrate best practice by obtaining three written quotations

* Forecasted spend over £50,001 to EU threshold: Opportunities to be advertised in Contracts finder or called off from a Government Framework Agreement

Typically, these opportunities are referred to as sub threshold opportunities and are not subject to the full EU processes however, basic principles of fairness, openness and transparency must still be applied.

For further reference about OJEU please see here.

We will be providing regular opportunities for any suppliers & contractors to find out more information about tendering tips. Dates to be published on this page shortly.

NHS Standard Terms for Goods, Work and Services

These are the terms and conditions that will underpin awarded contracts.

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