Many people find it hard to relax and our bodies hold a lot of physical tension. Progressive muscle relaxation takes you through your whole body, learning to tense and then relax the muscles. With practice this technique leads to feeling relaxed and it becomes a skill that you can use anytime you need.

If you are feeling tense you may find it helps to listen to the following audio files.  The first is 9 minutes long and the second is 16 minutes.  Check out the instructions below before you play them. 

Quick relaxation:

Deep relaxation:


  • Choose somewhere quiet, warm and comfortable
  • Either sit or lie down - wherever suits you best
  • Play the audio file
  • Follow the spoken instruction
  • When the audio file finishes allow yourself time to enjoy the relaxed feeling for a few minutes
  • Play the audio file every day
  • Keep playing the first file (deep relaxation) until you can relax well with this.
  • You can then start to use the second file (quick relaxation)

If you prefer to download these files onto a laptop or PC, using your mouse, right click on the file and select 'Save audio as' and select the place on your PC or laptop that you want to save the file.


  • Don't play the files whilst driving
  • If you have any back or muscular problems, ask your GP for advice before using these
  • At first, play the files when you feel fairly calm, your concentration will be better and you will pick up the skill more quickly.