IWantGreatCare logo IWantGreatCare poster explaining the ways you can give feedback to improve services - either by going to the website cwpt.iwgc.net or by asking a member of staff for a paper form

We want to make it easy for our patients, services users and carers to provide feedback and rate our services. That’s why we have joined the iWantGreatCare initiative. Whether you wish to say a public thank you for truly great care or highlight things that could have been done better, iWantGreatCare is the place to do it and you can make a real difference and help the next patient. You can review our services on iWantGreatCare by clicking here.

iWantGreatCare makes it simple and safe for you to provide ratings and reviews of our service. You will not be identified, unless you choose to include confidential details in your review or feedback.

Your comments will make a difference. They will be read by other patients looking for advice on care, as well as the Trust’s Patient Experience Team, who will read and respond to reviews submitted on the site.