Ex-Armed Forces (Veterans) Stories

Meeting with veterans and hearing their stories has been essential to give us first hand knowledge of the differculties faced by veterans and their families/carers. Here are some direct quotes from veterans themselves.


On leaving the Armed Forces

"It's like being born again, you're like a little child.

"Before all of this happened to me I didn't believe in mental health problems...I thought 'just pull yourself together man'...I just thought other people were blagging it."


On describing the services

"It is helpful knowing they are there for me, and willing to help me."


On release from the Armed Forces

"It would be better if you went to see the mental health people before you are left to your own devices."

"You are hidden away from the people that actually need you, there's a massive missing link."

"There are more soldiers coming, and they are just fobbed off with tablets."


When trying to get help after leaving the Armed Forces

"The whole system was against me, my whole life had been turned upside down and people would just pass the buck."

"The problem with alcoholism is that you put everything off, nothing matters."


Further case studies:  Ex-Armed Forces Veterans Service User Feedback.pdf [pdf] 30KB