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The Trust Medicines Policy and associated Medicines Manual Guidance is located in the Policies section of the Trust intranet.

The below links will re-direct you to the Area Prescribing Committee website


Other documents

Community Nursing Prescription Request for Acute Treatment (June 2015).pdf [pdf] 64KB

Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams SOP.pdf [pdf] 757KB

Critical medicine list (approved 2010).pdf [pdf] 44KB

Emergency Drug Cupboard SOP (January 2017).pdf [pdf] 344KB

Guidance for community and outpatient prescribing in MH and LD March 14 (approved 2014).pdf [pdf] 279KB

Guidance on Consent to Treatment documentation for medication. Patients detained under the MHA (approved 2016) .pdf [pdf] 296KB

Guidance on safe administration of medications via ENfit Enteral feeding system.pdf [pdf] 329KB

Guide to the Insulin and Injections Authority to Administer Chart (Nov 17).pdf [pdf] 337KB

Guide to the Regular Medications Authority to Adminster Chart (Nov 17).pdf [pdf] 430KB

Guide to the Palliative Care Authority to Administer Chart (Nov 2017).pdf [pdf] 333KB

Guide to Community Chart Changes (version 1b Oct 2017).pdf [pdf] 511KB

Guide EXAMPLE to the Palliative Care Authority to Administer Chart (Nov 2017).pdf [pdf] 670KB

Liquid medicines procedure (approved 2010).pdf [pdf] 60KB

Notification to patients of medicine brand change.docx [docx] 55KB

PRN Protocol (approved 2014).pdf [pdf] 190KB

PRN Interim guidance for authorisation to administer (approved 2017).pdf [pdf] 366KB

SOP - Availability of Adrenaline 1 in 1000 for the Administration of Antipsychotic Depots LAI (approved July 2017.pdf [pdf] 178KB

Standard Operating Procedure for Re-writing of Repeating Prescriptions [Caludon & St Michael's] (Sept 2017).pdf [pdf] 166KB

Unlicensed medicines Table of Products (May 18).pdf [pdf] 55KB

Unfamiliar medicines checklist.docx [docx] 63KB

Weight. Body Mass Indicator Guidance (approved 2010).pdf [pdf] 55K