NAEC Stoneleigh COVID Vaccination Centre

NAEC Stoneleigh COVID Vaccination Centre

Working together to protect lives 

NAEC Stoneleigh Centre is a large vaccination centre which opened its doors to the public and community on 26 January 2021.  The NHS and local authority Hall 1 Stoneleigh vaccination centre in Coventry and Warwickshire are working in partnership with NAEC Stoneleigh to help deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to thousands of people within a 45 drive from the centre. 

On this page, you will find important information and some frequently asked questions about the new vaccination centre. NAEC Stoneleigh is working with the NHS to help support the biggest vaccination programme in history.

If you have further questions or are looking for advice about Covid-19 please visit the NHS website. You can find out more about vaccinations at 

What to do if you recieve a letter to attend your covid vaccination appointment at Hall 1, NAEC Stoneleigh

If you recieve a letter from the NHS asking you to book your covid vaccination appointment at Hall 1, NAEC Stoneleigh Centre you should: 

  • Book your appointment as soon as possible. You will be able to book your appointment via phone or via a link. 
  • You have a choice. You can either attend an appointment at Hall 1, NAEC Stoneleigh, or the Birmingam Vaccination Centre at Millennium Point or wait to be contacted by your GP for an appointment.  
  • There is no need to contact your GP, the letter has been sent to you from the national NHS team. 
  • If you have had COVID-19 you must not attend your appointment until at least 28 days after. 
  • If you have any symptoms, do not attend your appointment and book a test. If your test comes back negative you can attend/book your appointment. 
  • If you can no longer attend your appointment, please cancel at the earliest opportunity to allow others the opportunity to book an appointment.  

Planning your visit 

The attached document shows you the layout of the vaccination centre and what to expect when you attend your appointment.

Getting to NAEC Stoneleigh

Using Sat Nav? Please use this postcode: CV8 2LZ and make sure that you follow the AA road signs to find our main entrance to the site. The vaccination centre is located at Hall 1. 

Visit the NAEC Stoneleigh website to find out how to get to the centre by road, rail, bus/coach. 

Parking is FREE and has 11,000 spaces available. 

Stoneleigh vaccination centre key messages

NAEC Stoneleigh Vaccination Centre FAQs

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  1. Are there wheelchairs at NAEC Stoneleigh?

    Yes. There are wheelchairs on-site for those who need them. Please inform an NHS staff member or volunteer who will bring one to you. Staff will be stationed at all entrances of the building.

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  2. Can I bring along a family member or friend with me to my appointment?

    Please attend your vaccination appointment alone, unless you require assistance. If you have been driven to your appointment then the driver must remain outside of the building. Those who are vulnerable can be accompanied by the primary care giver.

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  3. Do I need to bring anything along with me to my appointment?

    Please bring along the letter you have received confirming your appointment. 

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  4. Do you have disabled parking bays and where are they located?

    Yes. Disabled Parking is located near to the Hall entrances. 

    All entrances are on a level threshold and accessible to wheelchair users.

    Corridors and gangways are well lit

    Internal staircases are supported by handrails

    Platform lifts and stair lifts to 2nd floor conference areas

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  5. Does NAEC Stoneleigh have disability access?

    Yes. NAEC Stoneleigh has wheelchair access and wheelchairs are available on request. 

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  6. Does NAEC Stoneleigh have toilet facilities?


    • NAEC Stoneleigh exhibition and conference facilities have 6 unisex accessible and 6 enlarged cubicles within single sex areas.
    • Toilet facilities include:
    • easy to use locks and low reach door handles
    • colour contrasting fittings
    • raised toilet seats or toilet seat frame
    • low level hand basin
    • low level soap and paper towel dispensers
    • emergency pull alarm cord
    • signage identifying left or right hand side transfer  
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  7. How do I book a vaccination at NAEC Stoneleigh Vaccination Centre?

    Vaccinations are currently only available to those people who have been contacted directly by the NHS to book in. If and when your GP or local NHS service is able to offer a vaccination to you, you will be contacted directly by them to arrange an appointment for the vaccine. You can find out more about vaccinations at:

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  8. How do I get to NAEC Stoneleigh Vaccination Centre?

    Visit the NAEC Stoneleigh website for directions.

    The address is: 

    Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth CV8 2LZ 

    Follow the AA road signs to find our main entrance to the site.

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  9. I can no longer make my appointment, how do I cancel?

    Please contact the national booking centre to cancel your appointment. You can find more details on how to cancel or rearrange your appointment on the letter you have received. Please do not contact CWPT or the NAEC Stoneleigh centre as we cannot cancel or rearrange the appointments for you.

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  10. I have mobility issues and can’t walk far, what support is available?

    Yes. Staff and volunteers are available who can assist vulnerable visitors or provide wheelchairs to those who need them. 

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  11. Is NAEC Stoneleigh Covid Secure?

    Yes. Our venue is “Covid secure” with a robust plan which protects staff and visitors from coronavirus. During COVID-19 the centre has worked closely with industry associations and operate as part of the 'All Secure Standard' document. This has been produced to provide with all the assurance and confidence that the NAEC Stoneleigh centre has health and safety as their number one priority. 

    You can read more about this here.  


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  12. Is NAEC Stoneleigh the only place to get my vaccination?

    No, you will be asked to select your preferred site to receive the vaccination. Options will be based on your geographical location.

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  13. Is there parking onsite?

    Yes, there are 11,000 car parking spaces. Parking is free. 

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  14. I’m interested in getting the vaccine, how can I get it?

    The vaccine is currently being rolled out by the NHS to people in order of priority, starting with those who are most at risk from the virus. The NHS will let you know when it’s your turn to have the vaccine. For more information about how the vaccine will be rolled out, please visit:

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  15. For directions to NAEC Stoneleigh Vaccination Centre, by road, rail or coach/bus visit the NAEC Stoneleigh website: 

    NAEC Stoneleigh | Getting Here 

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  16. What safety and hygiene measures are in place?

    There are extensive safety and hygiene measures in place to keep visitors, staff and volunteers safe. These include a temperature check on arrival, the requirement to wear a face covering, social distancing measures, enhanced cleaning regimes, plus hand sanitising stations available throughout the centre.

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  17. Where do I go for my vaccine once I’ve arrived on-site?

    The vaccine centre is well signposted when onsite at NAEC Stoneleigh. Please follow the signage to Hall 1 and speak to the centre and NHS staff on site.

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Total results: 17