Case Studies

Read about some of the great work being done at Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust.

Attend Anywhere case study

Isobel Chick SALT therapist Mrs P developed a severe stammer following a traumatic incident at work, which left her very anxious speaking to other people and using the telephone. As her role involved a significant amount of communication, she did not feel able to continue with her job. She subsequently sought speech and language therapy to manage her stammer and her anxiety around communicating.


Due to COVID-19, Mrs P’s therapy has all been delivered online via the Attend Anywhere platform. As a therapist, I was initially concerned that I would not be able to develop the same kind of rapport with Mrs P as I do with my patients during face to face sessions, but this has not been the case. I’ve found I’ve been able to develop a strong therapeutic relationship with Mrs P and the online platform has not been a barrier to this. I was also concerned about technical problems, but again, the system has been very easy to use.


I’ve also found that carryover from therapy to the ‘real world’ has been more effective since using Attend Anywhere. One of the challenges I have experienced in the past is that patients may be able to use speech techniques effectively during clinic sessions, but struggle to generalise these to situations at home or at work. Attend Anywhere has helped with this because therapy sessions are embedded into patients’ daily lives – for example, Mrs P has been able to practise using speech techniques at home with her family immediately after therapy sessions, which has boosted her confidence.  


Mrs P has progressed very well during her Attend Anywhere therapy sessions – she is now able to use speech techniques effectively to manage her stammer, feels more confident communicating and is planning her return to work.