Adult Health Information Leaflets

adult leaflets

Information in these leaflets is designed to complement the advice of our professional healthcare staff.

Learning Disability Leaflets

Community Learning Disability Teams - Easy Read, December 2017.pdf [pdf] 808KB

Early Signs.pdf [pdf] 96KB

Music Therapy.pdf [pdf] 253KB

Pre-Health Check questionnaire.pdf [pdf] 677KB

Social Rhythms.pdf [pdf] 160KB


Mental Health Leaflets

Being an informal patient - your rights and expectations.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Clinical Psychology Leaflet.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Ex-Armed Forces Leaflet .pdf [pdf] 2MB

Feeling tired? - Tips for improving sleep hygiene [pdf] 89KB

IAPT Coventry and Warwickshire information.pdf [pdf] 1MB

IAPT Solihull information.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Romanian IAPT leaflet.pdf [pdf] 530KB

Urdu IAPT leaflet.pdf [pdf] 683KB

Arabic IAPT leaflet.pdf [pdf] 989KB

Gujerati IAPT leaflet.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Polish IAPT leaflet.pdf [pdf] 950KB

Punjabi IAPT leaflet.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Perinatal Mental Health Team.pdf [pdf] 407KB

Medical conditions and driving.pdf [pdf] 36KB

Mental Health inpatient booklet.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Washing Clothes at Home, information for carers of inpatients.pdf [pdf] 91KB

Wellbeing factsheet - Getting active.pdf [pdf] 255KB

Wellbeing factsheet - Healthy eating.pdf [pdf] 905KB

Memory and Dementia

Community Dementia Service.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Maintaining your Memory and Wellbeing.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Mild Cognitive Impairment.pdf [pdf] 202KB

Memory Assessment Service - Information for patients.pdf [pdf] 653KB

Physical Health Leaflets

Community teams and general information

Coventry Community Integrated Specialist Palliative Care Team.pdf [pdf] 349KB

Coventry Community Integrated Specialist Palliative Care Support Team.pdf [pdf] 619KB

Deep Vein Thrombosis.pdf [pdf] 345KB

Intermediate Care and Reablement Team.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Parkinson's Disease - Speech therapy.pdf [pdf] 84KB

Strong Opioids.pdf [pdf] 497KB

Your Health At Home.pdf [pdf] 1MB


Care of your catheter.pdf [pdf] 50KB

Continence and Dementia.pdf [pdf] 80KB

Continence Service.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Healthy Bowel.pdf [pdf] 51KB

Living at home with a Urinary Sheath.pdf [pdf] 69KB

Pelvic Floor Exercises.pdf [pdf] 55KB

Pelvic organ prolapse.pdf [pdf] 58KB

Overactive bladder.pdf [pdf] 75KB

Oral Health

Acid erosion of teeth.pdf [pdf] 100KB

Community Dental Service, Coventry.pdf [pdf] 457KB

Denture Care.pdf[pdf] 915KB

Domiciliary dental care.pdf [pdf] 62KB

High Calorie Diet.pdf [pdf] 218KB

Mouth care and diabetes.pdf [pdf] 238KB

New Dentures.pdf [pdf] 235KB

Oral Health Advice for Adults.pdf [pdf] 239KB


Bunions.pdf [pdf] 59KB

Care of the feet for people with Diabetes.pdf [pdf] 71KB

Footwear for people with Diabetes.pdf [pdf] 69KB

Good Foot guide.pdf [pdf] 64KB

Good Foot guide, summary poster.pdf [pdf] 64KB

Mortons Neuroma.pdf [pdf] 71KB

Plantar Fasciitis.pdf [pdf] 87KB


Acupuncture [pdf] 53KB

Barbotage.pdf [pdf] 74KB

Dry Needling.pdf [pdf] 77KB

Frozen shoulder [pdf] 165KB

MRI scan - what is it? [pdf] 69KB

Osteoarthritis of the knee [pdf] 267KB

Subacromial impingement syndrome of the shoulder.pdf [pdf] 69KB

Sexual Health 

Victims of Sexual Assault.pdf [pdf] 240KB

Wound Care

Accident Prevention.pdf [pdf] 132KB

Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Test.pdf [pdf] 70KB

Changing your wound dressing.pdf [pdf] 111KB

Doppler Ultrasound.pdf [pdf] 45KB

Foot Care and Exercise.pdf [pdf] 118KB

Guide to Preventing Pressure Ulcers.pdf [pdf] 109KB

Healing Advice.pdf [pdf] 73KB

Healthy Eating.pdf [pdf] 85KB

Medical Devices for Pressure Ulcers.pdf [pdf] 143KB

Topical Negative Pressure Therapy -.pdf [pdf] 77KB

Vascular Assist Assessment.pdf [pdf] 49KB

What is a Leg Ulcer.pdf [pdf] 65KB

Wound Care Resources.pdf [pdf] 72KB

Wound Clinic Equipment.pdf [pdf] 110KB

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