Improving Lives Programme

Work has begun on a partnership between Coventry City Council, the city’s Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS Trusts to transform Coventry’s services for older people so that they can lead independent lives in good health.

This work forms part of the Coventry Place programme bringing together partners from across the city to work together to meet the needs of our population, and promote health and wellbeing.

Successful implementation will significantly improve outcomes for older people and their carers; will empower staff across health and social care and reduce duplication of services.

In December 2021, an assessment of current services, completed with teams in the organisations providing care and services to older people, by Newton Europe identified improvements could be made.  Key findings from this work are:

  • 37% of older people could avoid attending hospital with better access to community services and better decision making
  • 38% of our patients could be prevented from being admitted to hospital through better support in the community and at the ‘front door’
  • 43% of older patients could spend fewer days in hospital after being deemed fit for discharge
  • We can support an additional 1600 users to remain independent for longer in the community


Now that we understand the problems with our current ways of working, and the areas to focus on for transformation, we are working with our teams on the changes we need to implement.

New ways of working will be tested during the next phase, to make sure that everyone is ready and that we only commit to implementation where it will make a difference. 

We will use this web page to update on the progress being made so that our teams across the NHS and Local Authority can hear what’s happening to improve the lives of older people in Coventry.