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What is a carer?

A carer is someone who provides unpaid care either frequently or infrequently to a person with care needs. Their care needs may be physical, psychological or emotional and they may or may not receiving care and treatment from our Trust. Many carers are related to the person they care for, but some are friends, neighbours or volunteers.

Our Trust sets out in its Vision and Values the intention to work together with carers to ensure the engagement and involvement of all.

The Trust provides services over a wide geographical area to people of all ages, including many children, elderly and also vulnerable adults, many of whom will have a carer. 

Read what the Carers Trust has to say about ‘What is a Carer?’

Below you can find all sorts of useful resources, guides and links to partner organisations who provide support for carers. 

The Care Act 2014

The Care Act 2014 is an act of parliament. It sets out how organisations like the NHS and local authorities must meet the needs of carers. Any carer in need of support has the right to an assessment.

You can obtain more information about care and support in your area by clicking here , as well as looking at a selection of  Frequently Asked Questions.

Easy Read version of The Care Act 2014.

The Department for Health and Social Care website contains guidance and factsheets with informaiton about the Care Act and the responsibilities on local authorities about care and support for adults.

Coventry City Council's Carer Aware training found here includes a very comprehensive list of useful contacts.

Care Companion

A free online resource for those looking after their loved ones. 

Access it here.

Local updates

Find out what events, resources and news updates are available in your local area:


City council provision: Support for carersAdult Social Care Offer

Parent Carer Forum, Engagement & Co-Production

Coventry Carers' Bulletin: 

Previous Editions:

Local library: 

Health information

Dementia.pdf [pdf] 277KB

Home Library Service.pdf [pdf] 383KB

Reading Well for mental health.pdf [pdf] 352KB

Carers Trust We Care newsletters

Carer referral Coventry.pdf [pdf] 55KB


Council provision: Support for carers

Mental Health Service: Support - Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

Warwickshire Young Carers.pdf [pdf] 253KB

Apply for a Warwickshire County Council Carer's assessment online

Carer Referral Warwickshire.pdf [pdf] 52KB


City council provision: Support for carers

Go CV Discounts for Carers

Did you know if you or someone you know is an unpaid carer, you can register for a free Go CV card and be entitled to Go CV+ - the highest level of discount for Coventry residents on partner events, activities and attractions? 

Caring for someone can heavily impact physical health and mental wellbeing, and likely affect opportunities to spend time with wider friends and family and do the things you enjoy, especially in light of Covid-19. All you need to do is register with the Carers Trust Heart of England who will provide you with a letter to confirm you are a carer.

Then sign up for a free Go CV card online, remembering to confirm you are a Carer to get Go CV+ level of discount.  Once you have an account you can easily upload a copy of your carer’s letter, plus see your virtual card and card number on your mobile device. 

Here’s just some of the benefits of having a card with Go CV+ discounts:

  • Free entry to Coventry Transport Museum
  • Reduced admission to the Wave Waterpark
  • Reduced admission to Coventry Music Museum – including Ghost Town 2 Host Town Exhibition
  • Discounts on CV Life gym membership, swimming and exercise classes
  • Huge discounts on Adult Education Courses
  • Season ticket offers for Coventry Bears
  • Plus exclusive giveaway competitions and offers

If you or a member of your household receive qualifying benefits, are a student or aged between 16-19 in full-time education you also entitled to Go CV+ prices, wherever you see them displayed.

Fuel Poverty Help

The following sites are available with relevant information to assist staff and service users: