healthcare staff helping a patient in a ward kitchen

What is an apprenticeship? 

An apprenticeship is a great way to earn as you learn, and we offer a range of opportunities in both clinical and non-clinical roles.  

As an apprentice, you will work towards a nationally recognised qualification and gain hands-on work experience in the NHS. There are multiple options for what level of qualification you can choose and we currently offer apprenticeships from Level 2 to Level 7 (master's degree equivalent) for both clinical and non-clinical roles.

Harry "I have recently completed my latest apprenticeship; the Registered Nursing Associate apprenticeship. To me, apprenticeships are the best way to further your career within the NHS. With apprenticeships you ‘earn while you learn’ this means that you will be paid a full-time wage whilst you are studying and training within your chosen area. This gave me the confidence to go to university without the financial pressures that most students face. Apprenticeships also allow you to gain experience within your chosen areas so that when you complete your apprenticeships you will have the confidence to move into your chosen role. " 

- Harry Cross, Mental Health Nurse Associate 

Who can complete an apprenticeship?  

An apprenticeship is open to anyone over 16. Each apprenticeship has different entry requirements depending on the level, but we can advise on a case-by-case basis, as well as make sure that you can cope with the work involved. 

What happens after I have completed an apprenticeship?

Many of our apprentices stay within the Trust, and we work alongside you at the end of your apprenticeship to support you in a role that suits you, either within the team that you’re in or somewhere else within the Trust.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

All of our apprenticeships are listed on our website as they become available and you can apply online. Make sure you read our application guidance before you apply. To find out more about apprenticeships at CWPT, contact the Talent for Care Team at or visit the Talent for Care Careers website. 

Myths about apprenticeships

There are lots of myths surrounding apprenticeships. Get the facts with our mythbuster: 

"The pay is poor"

We want to reduce barriers to people considering starting an apprenticeship. All of our entry-level apprentices are paid above the national apprenticeship wage to ensure we attract the right people to the right roles. 

"Apprenticeships are only for young people"

Our apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16, which means that wherever you are in life, age is not a barrier. We have had apprentices in our services joining us at the age of 55 who wanted a change in career, and we'd welcome others who would like to do the same. 

"Apprenticeships are only available for entry-level roles"

This is not true. Once you join CWPT we can offer apprenticeships to help you develop your skill set and progress your career at any level. We offer apprenticeships from Level 2 to Level 7 (master's degree equivalent). 

We know that there is no one set career pathway that suits everyone, and people have different ideas about how they want their future to look, which is why we offer bespoke career conversations to help you identify the right route for you.