Speech & Language Therapy (Adult)

  • Support and treatment for people having difficulties with speech, language and/or swallowing e.g. from stroke, head injury or degenerative neurological disease.

  • Address: Newfield House, CV1 4DW

About this Service

Telephone number:   02476 237027
Referral Criteria:  Registered with Coventry GP; Self referral (except swallowing/voice -  health professional)

The role of our team is to assess and treat adults who have swallowing, speech, language, voice, stammering and/or communication problems. People may find they have one or more of these difficulties.

There can be many reasons why people can have difficulties with speech, language and/or swallowing. For example, if someone has had a stroke (CVA), suffered from a head injury, or if they have a degenerative neurological condition such as Parkinson's Disease, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntingon's Disease or Motor Neurone Disease.

We work with adults who may have one or more of the following difficulties and who have a Coventry GP:

  • Producing speech and using speech
  • Stammering/stuttering
  • Understanding language - spoken and/or written down by other people
  • Using language e.g. finding the right words to say, or finding the right words to write down
  • Voice problems e.g. a hoarse or croaky voice
  • Swallowing food and/or drinks and/or medications

Someone with a learning disability who has swallowing problems should refer to our Community Learning Disability Team.

How we help

We assess the person's difficulties and then aim to help that person regain or maintain their communication and swallowing skills. We can offer:

  • Therapy sessions
  • Written advice, information and strategies to help everyone involved understand and support the person's difficulties
  • Review sessions
  • Referral onto other health professionals if this is needed
  • We train care home staff to support their residents who have eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. Please contact the team if you would like further information about the training they can provide.

We work with

  • The person who has the communication or swallowing difficulty
  • Carers and families
  • Care home staff, nurses, GPs, dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and many other health professionals

We work in

  • Care homes
  • Day centres
  • People's homes
  • City of Coventry Health Centre

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