Mental Health Access Hubs

  • Locality-based Mental Health Access Hubs (MHAH) are responsible for clinically triaging all patients and dealing with those in urgent need of care. There are three locality hubs for Coventry, North Warwickshire and Rugby, and South Warwickshire.

  • Client Age: Adult
  • Address: Three locations: Caludon Centre Coventry; St Michael's Hospital, Warwick; Avenue House, Nuneaton
  • Reception phone number: 08081 966798
  • Clinic hours: 24/7 365 days/year

About us

Mental Health Access Hubs for Coventry and Warwickshire

Locality-based Mental Health Access Hubs (MHAH) are responsible for clinically triaging all patients and dealing with those in urgent need of care.

Referrals will continue to come into the Hubs directly through the normal routes. 

Where are these Hubs?

There are three Mental Health Access Hubs located across Coventry and Warwickshire, and each Hub will be operational 24/7 and 365 days a year at:

  • Caludon Centre (Coventry)
  • St Michael's Hospital, Warwick (South Warwickshire)
  • Manor site, Nuneaton (North Warwickshire and Rugby)

How to refer? 
Patients are referred into mental health services by calling:

Freephone 08081 966798 – Press 1 for adult mental health and Press 2 for the children and young people's mental health service.  Operational 24/7 365 days per year

What happens when a patient is referred into mental health services?

  • The Mental Health Access Hubs will clinically triage all referrals at a local level
  • Following triage, if they are then assessed to be in need an urgent assessment, the Hub will arrange to see them within 4 or 24 hours depending on how they are feeling
  • Patients who are not urgent but need our mental health support will be onward referred to the right team

The Hubs are replacing the central clinical triage function and the Crisis element of support.

Home Treatment Support

Patients seen urgently who then need intensive Home Treatment care to support them in their own homes and to help avoid a hospital admission, will receive specific and task centred Home Treatment interventions.

Who works in the Mental Health Access Hubs?

The staff in the Hubs comprise one full Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) inclusive of Community Psychiatric Nurses, Occupational Therapist(s), Social Worker(s), support staff, peer support workers, medics, Psychology and call handlers. 

Therefore all referrals will be triaged by a significantly expanded and integrated team of professionals.

Benefits of Mental Health Access Hubs (MHAH)

There are many benefits for this way of working:

  • The locality MHAHs will ensure closer working across all mental health services, ensuring that each patient is triaged and treated within their local area. 
  • They will provide closer links, advice and information for GP’s for individuals who have been referred to mental health services.
  • MHAHs will encourage closer working between the urgent care and community mental health services.
  • Each MHAH will continue its close links with the community, voluntary and charity sector in their local area, to provide each patient with the right support for them at all times. 
  • Clear assessment times will support the urgency of referrals to ensure that all service users are seen in a timely manner.  This will enable people to access the support they need and it will attempt to prevent further deterioration, distress or crisis of the person’s mental health

Read our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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