Q Award Categories


Award Categories are linked to our Trust Values:


COMPASSION   Compassion in Action Award

For the individual or team who has/have:

  • Given hope through the care provided and the compassion with which we provide it.

  • Listened, responded and shown respect, involving our service users/patients in all decision making relating to the care we provide.

  • Demonstrated kindness and humanity to each individual.

  • Always behaved in a professional manner, always been positive and non-judgemental in their attitudes.

WORKING TOGETHER   Working Together Award

For the individual or team who has/have:

  • Demonstrated how patients come first in everything we do.

  • Fully involved patients, staff, family, carers, communities and professionals inside and outside the NHS.

  • Actively listened to the views of others so that the best way forward can be found.

  • Shown openness, honesty and transparency in all that they do and shown courage to speak up and challenge when things are not right or at the required standard.

RESPECT   Respect for Everyone Award

For the individual or team who has/have:

  • Demonstrated that they see each person as unique and valuable.

  • Promoted equality for all, breaking down barriers to equality and challenging stigma where it is present.

  • Supported people who were not happy with the service they received and helped them to put things right.

  • Supported our staff in their roles and helped them to achieve what they wanted to achieve.

SEEKING   Seeking Excellence Award

For the individual or team who has/have:

  • Helped people to get the best possible outcomes for them;

  • Actively encouraged initiatives and positively rewarded good ideas;

  • Looked at what's worked well and used these ideas to make things better;

  • Provided a flexible service to meet the needs of people they serve.

Other Awards

Volunteer of the Year Award

For the team or an individual volunteer who has displayed outstanding commitment in the way they have given up their own time, unpaid, to support us in the effective delivery of our services.

Clinical Leader of the Year/ Non Clinical Leader of the Year

For the individual who has demonstrated they live by, and shown behaviour associated with, our values of: Compassion in Action, Working Together, Respect for Everyone and Seeking Excellence.

Corporate Services Award

For the individual or team who has/have:

  • Shown initiative in developing processes to support our business. Demonstrates how their support has contributed to the delivery of our Values;

  • Gone above and beyond in the support they offer to clinical services and/or corporate colleagues;

  • Undertakes their duties with pride and has shown outstanding dedication to their work.

Apprentice of the Year award
  • The Q awards are looking to celebrate and recognise those extra special apprentices who are creative and innovative in their roles, and deserve a big thank you.


Awards not requiring nomination

Chairman's Award

The winner of this category will be chosen from the short-listed and winners of the other awards. The Chair will select from all the entries one person or team who he believes deserves special mention for their outstanding efforts during the year. The winner will have demonstrated that they have "Worked to improve the wellbeing of the people we serve and to be recognised for always doing the best they can".

Clinical Audit and Effectiveness Award

Separate nominations are not required for this category as the winner will be chosen at the Clinical Audit and Effectiveness Event.

Anyone who has completed a Clinical Audit or Effectiveness project is eligible to submit their project for presentation at the Clinical Audit and Effectiveness event The winner will have demonstrated the undertaking of a robust project that has led to demonstrable changes for our patients/service users.

Research Culture Award

For the individual or team who has/have:

  • Championed research and demonstrated commitment to integrating research into their clinical service;

  • Used research evidence to improve service delivery and improve outcomes for service users and/or carers;

  • Provided service users and/or carers with opportunities to take part in research studies;

  • Helped to increase the capacity for research in their service and in our Trust.