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Virtual Art Gallery is a masterpiece for Learning Disability Week

One of the first virtual art galleries in the NHS has been unveiled to celebrate Learning Disability Week in Coventry and Warwickshire. 


Over 50 pieces of artwork created during art therapy sessions have been hung on a virtual wall to showcase the artistic talents of people with learning disabilities who are supported at Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust. 


The art gallery which was made digital because of the lockdown, shows two pieces of art at a time along with the name and a description of the piece which was given by its budding artist. 


Amongst those to contribute to the gallery was 27-year-old Mollie from Coventry.  She created two pieces of art – one is a collage and the other called is Jungle Book. 


Mollie said: “I am really proud to be part of the exhibition, it’s not every day that your artwork is put on display for people to see and although we would have liked it to be displayed up on real walls, I think this is a great alternative. I hope people enjoy it and that it helps people to see beyond our disabilities.”


Learning Disability Week is held annually to celebrate the contribution that people with learning difficulties make to society and traditionally, staff and services users from Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust would normally pull out the stops with events to mark the occasion with events and celebrations all week.  But this year, due to coronavirus it is a very different story and staff have had to think creatively how to showcase the efforts of service users.


Dr Liz Ashby, Lead Art Psychotherapist for Coventry Community Learning Disabilities Team said: “ The virtual art gallery shows how talented and diverse the imagery made by service users attending art therapy sessions in groups or as individuals is.  I am, as the service users including Mollie are, delighted to see their talents shown to others.  I hope that the gallery shows something of what making art in therapy is about, as we can see from the images the fun people had making art, some of their mental health experiences expressed, and something of what people gained from attending art therapy.  We look forward to getting back to making art together when lockdown is over.  The gallery also shows how art helps improve people’s mental health, and I am proud to help make that happen.”


To view the art gallery click here


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