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Raising awareness of mouth cancer

Oral Health promotion stand for mouth cancer action month

Mouth Cancer Action month is a national charity campaign held during November, which aims to raise awareness of mouth cancer and make a difference by saving thousands of lives through early detection and prevention.

Our Oral Health Promotion team held roadshows around Coventry to talk to people about mouth cancer. At local colleges, health centres and hostels for the homeless, the team handed out information and advice on the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer, as well as stressing the importance of having regular dental check-ups. 

Mouth cancers are more common in people over 40, particularly men. However, research has now shown that mouth cancer is becoming more common in younger patients and women. More than 7,000 people were diagnosed in the UK last year, with 2,000 sadly losing their lives, which is more than testicular and cervical cancer combined.  Early detection can be a life-saver.

Barbara McKellar, Senior Oral Health Promotion Officer, said: “The aim of our visits to a number of different venues around Coventry was to increase the knowledge and understanding of mouth cancer. We want to get more mouth cancers diagnosed at an early stage by encouraging everybody to be more vigilant about changes in their mouth.

“Never leave a mouth ulcer unattended for more than three weeks, and don’t ignore any unusual lumps or swellings or red and white patches in your mouth. If you do notice any changes in your mouth please speak to your doctor or dentist immediately.”

For further information on our Oral Health Promotion Team, please visit the ‘Our Services’ page.


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