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Norman Lamb MP in Coventry to speak up for mental health

MP Norman Lamb praised our servivces when he recently spoke at our Research and Innovation Day.

Chair of the West Midlands Combined Authority Mental Health Commission, Mr Lamb also described his own family’s experience of mental health issues when backing research and innovation and its importance in developing quality services for the future.

He highlighted innovative NHS services in Coventry and Warwickshire, including services to get people with mental health problems into work, and work to involve patients, service users and their carers in academic research to strengthen services now and in future.

He said: “This Trust is part of the Individual Placement Support programme, and I applaud you for that. I was thrilled to hear how service users are becoming so involved in mental health research in Coventry and Warwickshire, and I know that this Trust has been one of those that led the way on early intervention in mental health.”

In his speech the North Norfolk MP called for an all-party national focus on mental health as a key priority, and pledged his continued support as a champion of mental health issues.

Calling for a nationwide improvement in mental health care, he added: “It is our duty to the people who depend on us. We have an obligation to those people to do better.”

Medical director Sharon Binyon, who hosted the event, said: “We were tremendously grateful to Norman Lamb for coming to Coventry to share with us his experience of mental healthcare and his views about the future direction of NHS services.

“We had a great day learning more about the variety of research and innovation carried out by a wide range of our clinicians in the past year. We aim to strengthen this work further thanks to the dedication of the people who were here today, and those who work with them.”



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