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New eating disorder home treatment offer for young people to launch across Coventry and Warwickshire

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RISE, the mental health and wellbeing service for children and young people across Coventry and Warwickshire, is setting up a new team within its Eating Disorder Service. A brand new Home Treatment offer will bring support for young people struggling with eating disorders into their homes.

Currently, young people typically have to be admitted to inpatient facilities, even if they could be well supported at home, but this new offer from RISE will reduce admissions and offer far greater flexibility to young people and their families.

Sharon Binyon is the Medical Director for the Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust which RISE is part of. She said:

“We know that home is often where the young people we work with feel most comfortable so this is where we can get the best outcomes for them and, importantly, the maximum input from their family. Whilst inpatient settings are the best place for some young people, others can find them very intimidating which does not help the work we do with them to understand and overcome their condition.”

“A vital part of a young person’s journey with the Eating Disorder Service is their transition back into day-to-day home life. We work closely with them to make sure they keep up the skills and resilience they gained through working with us, but this is undoubtedly a difficult time for many. By seeing more young people at home, that transition will hopefully be much smoother.”

RISE is recruiting to a number of new roles within the new team, including Support Workers, Nurses, a Team Lead and a Waiting List Co-ordinator. The Home Treatment offer will primarily support young people around mealtimes and will be guided by their family, tailoring help to fit around their life and needs. Supporting loved ones to understand the eating disorder and techniques they can use to manage difficulties around meals will be central to the team’s work.

Roshni Lawson, Service Manager for RISE’s Eating Disorder Service, added:

“This new service represents a major growth and investment in RISE’s Eating Disorder Service but to make it happen, we need passionate, dedicated people to join us! Building trust and relationships with our young people and their families will be essential for the team’s work. If you are interested in caring for young people and would like to join us, please take a look at the new roles. I am always happy to speak to anyone who has any questions about the new offer.”

“We are looking forward to launching this offer and continuing improve our offer for the fantastic young people we serve.”



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