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New Art Therapy room opens at St Michael’s

Our Trust's Acute Psychological Service are pleased to announce the opening of a new Art Psychotherapy room for Ferndale patients at St Michael’s Hospital, Warwick.

St Michael’s Hospital, which is based in Warwick, is a purpose built facility providing inpatient mental health care for adults of all ages.

The room provides a dedicated therapeutic space for Ferndale patients to attend individual or group Art Psychotherapy sessions.

Cheryl Portlock, Art Psychotherapist said: “Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art materials as its main way of helping people understand, express, communicate and alleviate emotional distress and mental health problems.

“It is rooted in theories of understanding psychological functioning but draws on various theoretical concepts and evidence based research around effective mental health treatments.”

She continued: “Many patients really value the space and opportunity provided to express themselves, their thoughts, feelings and interests in a different way. Art therapy can help people to reconnect with who they are, re-build confidence, communicate and make sense of their internal experiences and support their overall mental health recovery.”

To find out more about our Trust and the services it provides, visit www.covwarkpt.nhs.uk


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