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Important medical device donated by family

An important medical device, which helps patients who are terminally ill, has been donated by the family of a former patient to our Specialist Palliative Care service.

The family of Tony Low, a former Palliative Care patient, has donated a syringe driver, a medical device which helps to manage pain and controls symptoms for patients in the terminal stages of their disease.

A syringe driver is a small, battery-powered pump that delivers medication through a soft plastic tube, into a syringe with a needle which is placed just under the skin. This is generally the skin on the arm, leg or abdomen, but it could be anywhere on the body.

Mr Low’s daughter Sarah presented the device to Debbie Nash, Head of the Specialist Palliative Care Service at our Trust.

Debbie said: “Our service is very honoured to receive the donation of a syringe driver from the family of Mr Low. Syringe drivers are extremely expensive medical devices that help to manage pain and control symptoms for patients receiving palliative care.

“The driver has been inscripted with the words ‘in memory of Mr Anthony Low’ and will benefit many other patients who come under the care of our service. I would like to thank the family once again. It is a wonderful legacy to remember Mr Low.”

To find out more about the Community Palliative Care service, visit www.covwarkpt.nhs.uk


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