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How nursing has helped us to make a difference

Our colleagues Tracey Franklin and Danielle Chamberlain tell how nursing has helped them to make a difference.

Tracey Franklin, Ward Manager

My name is Tracey Franklin and I am a Ward Manager.  I began working in the field of mental health as a nursing assistant because I had experienced childhood trauma and depression/ self-harm myself. My career with the Trust began 19 years ago and my first manager encouraged me to apply for a nursing secondment which I was successful in achieving and completing. I remember people saying “you’ll change when you Qualify”, however my attitude and desire to make a difference has never wavered and my patients come first.

I qualified as a nurse in 2007 and have worked on a number of wards and in different areas/ roles. I have continued to be motivated to make a positive change to people’s lives. As a Ward Manager, I believe I continue to make a positive difference by having an open door policy and being accessible to both patients and staff. I have also tried to instil this into my team so barriers are broken down and there is not an us and them feeling and everyone works together for the benefit of the ward. People often comment about the nice/ approachable atmosphere there is on the ward and I believe this ethos and way of working achieves this. I have never changed throughout my career, I treat people how I would wish to be treated and believe I lead by example in supporting my wonderful team and patients to be the best that they can be.

Danielle Chamberlain, Community Learning Disability Nurse

My name is Danielle Chamberlain and I am a Community Learning Disability Nurse. My role allows me to be the voice for some individuals that can’t always say what they want or need.  As a point of contact, I am able to be there for the individual and their family, carers or friends, recognising that the impact isn’t just on the individual and that it is also on their support network as a whole.  A part of my role is identifying what is needed to help individuals reach their full potential, whilst also taking into account their wishes and desires to allow them to live their best.


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