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CWPT is supporting UNICEF’s GET A JAB, GIVE A JAB initiative

As part the annual staff flu vaccination programme this year, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust is supporting UNICEF’s Get a Jab, Give a Jab campaign.

Get a Jab, Give a Jab is an initiative created by staff in the NHS and other health organisations to encourage NHS workers to take up a free flu vaccine.

For every flu vaccination given to an NHS staff member, a donation is made to UNICEF to help vaccinate children around the world. These donations help to provide vaccines for diseases such as measles, tetanus and polio but also the safe transportation and delivery of them, as well as the training of healthcare workers to administer them.

The coronavirus outbreak has previously caused vaccination programmes across the world to halt, which could put children at risk of catching preventable diseases. This year, the Trust hopes the number of staff getting a flu jab will rise further, to help protect those near to us and further afield.

Dr Sharon Binyon, Medical Director at CWPT, said: “Our flu vaccination programme is well underway, and we are busy vaccinating NHS staff working across our sites. I would like to thank our staff who have already had their flu vaccine, for their support in not only protecting themselves but also helping to protect our patients and the public. 

“If you are an NHS worker or in an at-risk group and have been recommended to have a flu vaccination, please take up the offer as it is really important to protect yourself and others.   

“We are delighted to support Get a Jab, Give a Jab this year. It is a fantastic way to extend the good work that we are doing locally and help to protect children across the world from diseases. With the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever for NHS staff to get their flu jab to protect themselves, their colleagues, their loved ones and our patients and we are really pleased to be giving something back on their behalf.” 

David Tait, Chief Pharmacist at CWPT and recently had his flu jab said: “It’s a great initiative that helps children around the world with much needed vaccinations. It’s such a simple, worthwhile thing to do, which also protects me, colleagues, our patients and my family.”


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