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Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust boasts five Queen’s Nurses

Queen's Nursing Institute

Four more nurses from Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust have recently been announced as Queen’s Nurses (QN) at the Queen’s Nurses Institute (QNI) following a successful application process.

The QNI offers expertise within the field of community nursing, and the title of QN is available to individual nurses who have demonstrated a high level of commitment to care and nursing practice.

The QNI has confirmed that Nikki Wise, Amanda Parsons, Laura Richards, and Jennie Knight have been awarded the Queen’s Nurse title, which exists to promote ‘the highest standards of patient care within the community’.

With Fiona Shally also nominated in a previous round of applications, the Trust now boasts five QNs within its Community physical health services and will be able to utilise the leadership and expertise of the QNI, along with the new QN’s, to continue to improve the care given to patients within the community and to continue to strive for excellence in all that CWPT do.

Mary Mumvuri, Chief Nursing Officer and Deputy CEO for CWPT said: “We are extremely proud of all our five Queen’s Nurses. They exemplify all of the Trust’s values and demonstrate that the highest level of patient care lies at the heart of what CWPT stands for”.

Upon receiving the nomination, Nikki Wise, Lead Nurse, Community Health and Wellbeing said: “I am extremely passionate about delivering care to people in the community setting so being awarded the title of Queen’s Nurse is something I am overwhelmingly proud of. Thank you to my colleagues for your ongoing support that has enabled me to apply and be successful in this venture. I am looking forward to being part of the QNI community to learn from other compassionate leaders and to bring new knowledge back to the teams I work with and the people we deliver care to. I aspire to grow as a leader and being a Queen’s Nurse will enable me the opportunities, and in turn, will allow me to create opportunities for others to grow too. I look forward to working with other Queen’s Nurses and seeing all that we can achieve by sharing our knowledge and experience with one another. I would encourage and support others to apply and join the QNI community!”

Amanda Parsons, Clinical and Professional Lead for Children’s Community Nursing said:

“I am humbled and thrilled in equal measure to be awarded the Queen’s Nurse title. The application process was hard, and I am so lucky to have been supported by my children’s nursing colleagues whose commitment to the poorly children and young people in Coventry inspired my submission; you know who you are and thank you. I am equally grateful to my Adult Lead Nurse, Nikki Wise, for their support, guidance, and encouragement.

I am excited by the opportunities being a member of the QNI will bring and commit to using those opportunities to support and inspire my colleagues to continue to provide the high-quality and compassionate nursing to our amazing patients.”

More information about the QNI can be found at The Queen's Nursing Institute – – The charity for community nurses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. (


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