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Award-winning nurse meets The Prince of Wales

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Aimee Brewer, Community Psychiatric Nurse at our Trust was invited to Buckingham Palace to meet The Prince of Wales as part of an event praising the ‘unsung and unseen’ work by NHS nurses.

Aimee, who won the Chief Executive’s award at our Trust’s Quality Awards last year, was in attendance along with over 350 nurses from across the country

Aimee said: “It was fantastic! It was a really special and humbling experience and one which I won’t forget. It was a pleasure to speak with Prince Charles. He thanked us personally for the work we carry out as front line nurses and said he doesn’t know how we continue to do it given the challenges we are faced with.”

The Prince of Wales, whose 70th birthday coincides with the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service, recounted some of his first hospital memories at the event.

Aimee went on to say: “It was a great pleasure and honour to represent our Trust and all the hard work that goes in to the services we provide.”

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