2013 Governor Elections

The Trust has completed its inaugural Council of Governor election.  As you will see, we have successfully elected to all seats and all Governors can be found on the 'Meet the Governors' page. 

The Trust would like to take this opportunity to thank all its members for their continued support shown throughout our journey towards becoming an NHS Foundation Trust; your support has been invaluable to our success to date and your continued support is very much needed.

Final Report of Voting February 2013.pdf [pdf] 124KB

Statement of Candidates 2013.pdf [pdf] 138KB

Uncontested Report 2013.pdf [pdf] 123KB

Notice of Poll 2013.pdf [pdf] 64KB

Service user or carer?

While Governor positions are open to anyone over 16 who is a member of our Trust, we are keen for those with “lived” experience to stand for any future election. We really value the experience of those who have used our services, or care for someone who has or may continue to do so. Your experience will be invaluable in helping us to improve.

As a member of our Council of Governors, you will work alongside our Trust Board Chair to support the Board of Directors and staff in developing and delivering the very best services to our patients, their carers and their families. Representing the interests of the Trust’s members and partner organisations, and the wider community. Ensuring their views and opinions are heard by the management of the Trust, you can make a real difference to the people you have been elected to serve.