Services A–Z

Service List

  1. Safeguarding

    Support and advice for Trust staff to prevent and identify any abuse of children, young people and adults. The team works closely with Local Authority colleagues and the police.

    Address: Wayside House, CV6 6NY

  2. Sexual Health

    Testing, treatment and advice for people with Sexually Transmitted Infections; full contraception choices, pregnancy testing, emergency contraception, HIV management, outreach provision.

    Address: City of Coventry Health Centre, CV1 4FS

  3. Shirley House Adult Respite Unit

    Respite care is essential for the well-being of both the carer and that of the person who is being cared for, and stays can be as short or as long as needed.

    Address: Shirley House, B90 2DS

  4. Speech & Language Therapy (Adult)

    Support and treatment for people having difficulties with speech, language and/or swallowing e.g. from stroke, head injury or degenerative neurological disease.

    Address: Newfield House, CV1 4DW

  5. Speech & Language Therapy (Children's)

    Support for young people and children with speech, language, communication or eating/drinking needs. The team also works with children with associated difficulties e.g. learning disabilities, ASD, hearing impairment, cleft palate, physical disabilities.

    Address: Paybody Building, CV1 4FS

  6. Stroke Early Supported Discharge

    Provides specialist assessment and rehabilitation in the community, for people who have had a new stroke following an acute episode of care.

    Address: Newfield House, CV1 4NZ