Services A–Z

Service List

  1. Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapy for inpatients.

    Address: St Michael's Hospital, CV34 5QW

  2. Occupational Therapy (Children's)

    We support children and young people who have specific difficulties participating in, or completing, daily activities. These difficulties can be related to a physical disability, difficulties processing sensory information or can be unexplained in nature.

    Address: Paybody Building, CV1 4FS

  3. Oral Health Promotion

    Oral health promotion across Coventry. Dental health awareness and education. Provision to community and special needs groups.

    Address: City of Coventry Health Centre, CV1 4FS

  4. Out of Hospital community services

    Coventry Out of Hospital community services are a range of nursing and therapy services that are provided outside of hospital in a person’s home or residence or in a clinic setting.

    Address: Paybody Building, CV1 2FS