Managing and Dealing with Stress

Psychological Skills Development Service provides workshops on Managing and Dealing with Stress

How to Manage Employee Stress

This workshop helps managers and occupational health professionals to recognise and manage stress and psychological difficulties in the workforce. The workshop covers organisational and individual factors that deplete resilience resulting in increased absenteeism. Attendees will learn skills informed by psychological theory for both effectively managing and responding to employee stress. The workshop will also help attendees to identify resources and strengths in employees that can be harnessed to promote psychological wellbeing in the workplace.

Managing Stress Effectively and Increasing Resilience

This workshop helps attendees identify their own signs and causes of stress, as well as learning about ways they personally respond to stress. The workshop will help attendees develop effective coping strategies, identify their own resources and strengths, as well as identifying sources of support, with the aim of building resilience. The workshop content is based on expert psychological knowledge, and is informed by a cognitive behavioural approach to stress. The workshop also includes elements of mindfulness. All workshops are facilitated by experienced Senior Clinical Psychologists, and can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.