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Since our Council of Governors were formed they have worked alongside the Trust Board to help ensure our members and the wider communities views are taken into account when the Trust plans its future direction and development of its services. The Council of Governors role is to gain assurance the Trust is providing safe, high quality services for our communities.

Unfortunately we are not currently recruiting for new Governors at our Trust.

Council of Governors

The Council of Governors is made up of different types of governors - some elected, some appointed.

There are three groups of Governor:

  • Public Governors - Elected by public members
  • Staff Governors - Elected by staff members
  • Appointed Governors - Appointed by stakeholder organisations

Public Governors will be voted for by public members who live in their local constituency area: so if you live in Coventry for example, you would vote for a public Governor standing for election from Coventry.

Governors are elected every few years and, if you become a member, you will receive information about how to stand for election, as well as how to vote for one.

Individual staff members can put themselves forward to stand for the role of staff Governor. The Trust's staff body are entitled to vote for staff Governors.

The appointed Governors come from organisations that work closely with our Trust, for example, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities (councils). These individual organisations will put forward their own Governor representative.

Governors have a duty to seek the views of members in their constituency, much like MPs. The Trust will help Governors do this effectively.

What Governors Do

You don’t need special skills to become an effective Governor – you need to be passionate about the NHS. The compelling issues are that you care about your local services; you wish to represent the views of local people in your community and help form the way our services develop and prosper in the future.

One of the key roles of the Governors will be to ensure that the voice of members and that of the general public is heard throughout the Trust. We have a strong track record of effective engagement and we wish to continue that work with our Governors to build on this as a Trust going forward.

As a Trust we use various methods to enable Governors and members to interact, and the Trust work with Governors to facilitate this appropriately. Methods may include the web, email, constituency meetings, seminars and surgeries.

Governors should also be seeking to increase the number of members in their constituency in line with the Trust's target membership. Having a broad and diverse membership will help us to be sure we are listening to all groups within our communities, including those that are hard to reach.

The Associate Director of Corporate Affairs will be the first point of contact for Governors once they are place, and will support governors in their role. The Trust's Stakeholder Engagement Manager will also be available, through the Communications team, to support membership recruitment, engagement activities and the Governors' work programme. Governors may also choose to work together, particularly in constituencies where there is more than one Governor, to inform people about work and future plans of the Trust, membership, and to engage with existing members.

It is our aim to create a representative Council of Governors of people from all walks of life, including those who use our services and their carers.

Having a Council of Governors is vital to the continuing  success of our Trust. The role will be interesting but also will take time and commitment.

Roles and Responsibilities of Governors

Public Governors will have a number of responsibilities and duties. One of the key roles Governors will play is to ensure that the voice of members is heard throughout the Trust.

As a Governor your input will provide a clear and formal structure for listening to and involving service users, carers, the public and staff.

The Trust has a strong track record of effective involvement, and we will work with our Governors to build on this, to continue our work on developing our services for all our communities.

All our Governors will be supported by an induction programme to increase their understanding of our services and to help facilitate their role alongside the Governors' work programme.

Unfortunately we are not currently recruiting for Governors.

More information can be found on these pages, or by viewing the Information and Instructions for Governors booklet.

Useful Information

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