Council of Governors Papers

Please find below the latest papers, combined into the below documents:


September 2018.pdf [pdf] 1MB

April 2018.pdf [pdf] 3MB

January 2018.pdf [pdf] 3MB

September 2017.pdf [pdf] 2MB

June 2017.pdf [pdf] 7MB

28 March 2017 agenda and supporting documents.docx [docx] 5MB

2 December 2016 Agenda and supporting documents.docx [docx] 5MB

Please find the previous style of papers below:

15 September 2016: Agenda.pdf [pdf] 143KB
Supporting Documents

Minutes of the meeting.pdf [pdf] 303KB

Business Calendar.pdf [pdf] 78KB

Chairs Report.pdf [pdf] 157KB

CE Report.pdf [pdf] 189KB

Lead Governor Report.pdf [pdf] 74KB

PART A Assurance Report - FPIC.pdf [pdf] 197KB

PART B Assurance Report - IPC.pdf [pdf] 184KB

PART C Assurance Report - IWC.pdf [pdf] 168KB

PART D Assurance Report - S and Q.pdf [pdf] 116KB

Summary Membership report.pdf [pdf] 116KB

Engagement Opportunities.pdf [pdf] 151KB

App A Horizon scan Month 12.pdf [pdf] 263KB

App B OTDB - finance reset.pdf [pdf] 980KB

App C On the day briefing implementing the FYFV for mental health.pdf [pdf] 1MB

App D Highlight Reports - 13 July 16.pdf [pdf] 510KB


6 May 2016: Agenda.pdf [pdf] 162KB
Supporting Documents

Minutes of the meeting.pdf [pdf] 397KB

PART A CE Report.pdf [pdf] 183KB

PART B Appendix A Horizon scan Month 9.pdf [pdf] 241KB

PART C Appendix B April 2016 (2).pdf [pdf] 166KB

Operations Division Report.pdf [pdf] 282KB

IPC Committee Assurance Report.pdf [pdf] 126KB

IWC Assurance report.pdf [pdf] 165KB

FPIC assurance report.pdf [pdf] 282KB


PART B Membership Charter Developing Active Members.pdf [pdf] 113KB

PART C Communication and engaging with members.pdf [pdf] 343KB

PART D Member recruitment plan.pdf [pdf] 266KB

PART E Administering and managing our members database.pdf [pdf] 247KB

Report for the Governing Body form MERIT Governing Bodies.pdf [pdf] 302KB

Quality Account 2015 to 16.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Business Calendar.pdf [pdf] 91KB


12 February 2016: Agenda.pdf [pdf] 162KB
Supporting Documents

Annual report 2015.pdf [pdf] 184KB

Board Report.pdf [pdf] 166KB

Business Calendar.pdf [pdf] 91KB

Database Contract Report.pdf [pdf] 89KB

Election proposal.pdf [pdf] 121KB

FPIC Committee Assurance Report.pdf [pdf] 219KB

IPC Committee Assurance Report.pdf [pdf] 178KB

Minutes of the meeting.pdf [pdf] 362KB

Operations Division Report.pdf [pdf] 158KB

SandQ Committee Assurance Report.pdf [pdf] 89KB

Summary Membership Report.pdf [pdf] 128KB

Workforce Committee Assurance Report.pdf [pdf] 146KB


To view papers or presentations from before 2016, please contact the Membership Team.