Completed Studies


A pragmatic health technologyassessment of PREP and implementation.  PrEP - Study Summary.pdf [pdf] 328KB


Pragmatic RAndomised controlled trial of a Trauma-Focused Guided Self Help Programme versus InDividual Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. RAPID Study Summary.pdf [pdf] 287KB


To assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the STOP intervention on smoker recruitment, retention and quit rates in the NHS community pharmacy stop smoking programme.  STOP - Study Summary.pdf [pdf] 309KB


A randomised controlled trial of a safer sex intervention delivered through mobile phone messagine.  SAFETXT - Study Summary.pdf [pdf] 295KB


DNA polymorphisms in mental illness - schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and alcoholism.  DPIM.pdf [pdf] 97KB


Implementing the GRiST clinical decision support system within primary care and the community, to improve detection and management of suicide risk amongst depressed patients.  MYGRACE.pdf [pdf] 126KB


An anonymous survey of mindfulness, self-compassion, wellbeing and mental health.  Mindfulness - Study Summary.pdf [pdf] 289KB


Evaluation of a peer supported self-management intervention for relatives of people with psychosis or bipolar disorder: Relatives Education And Coping Toolkit.  REACT.pdf [pdf] 433KB


Children and adolescents with ADHD in transition between children’s services and adult services. More information is available on the Exeter University website. We have been specifically involved with the Qualitative Study.


Managing the Link and Strengthening Transition from Child to Adult Mental Health Care.  MILESTONE.pdf [pdf] 116KB


A study of the feasibility and effectiveness of the addition of Self Help Aid and Recovery guide for Eating Disorders to treatment as usual for Anorexia Nervosa. SHARED.pdf [pdf] 116KB

START Substudy

Pulmonary substudy: A substudy of Strategic Timing Anti-Retroviral Treatment. START Substudy.pdf [pdf] 113KB


Strategic Timing of Anti-Retroviral Treatment.  START.pdf [pdf] 115KB


A randomised controlled trial to compare the clinical effectiveness and safety of gentamicin and ceftriaxone in the treatment of gonorrhoea.  GTOG.pdf[pdf] 123KB


Randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of a contingency management intervention for reduction of cannabis use and of relapse in early psychosis.  CIRCLE.pdf[pdf] 116KB


Enhancing the quality of user involved care planning in mental health services (EQUIP): Clinical randomised control trial and process evaluation.  EQUIP.pdf [pdf] 119KB


A study in HIV discordant partnerships to estimate the rate of transmission of HIV and to investigate factors associated with condom use. (Partners of people on ART: a New Evaluation of the Risks). PARTNER.pdf [pdf] 125KB



Improving health outcomes for young people with long term conditions: the role of digital communication in current and future patient-clinician communication for NHS providers of specialist clinical services (Long term, Young people, Networked digital communication technology, Clinical communication).  LYNC.pdf [pdf] 125KB



Improving the experience of dementia and enhancing active life.  IDEAL.pdf [pdf] 123KB



Minocycline in Alzheimer’s disease efficacy trial.  MADE.pdf [pdf] 142KB