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 See the latest Privacy Notice. Before filling out the membership form, please read the privacy notice.


  To become a member, please use this form: Online Membership Application Form  

If you are already a member of the Trust and you wish to update your details, such as change of address, email address, name, etc, please email confirming your membership number and all relevant details to confirm your identity.

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What is the role of a member?

The role of all members is to:

  • Uphold the rights and responsibilities of members, including challenging stigma
  • Be a source of intelligence, information and advice
  • Encourage others to become members
  • Ensure they meet the eligibility criteria for their constituency and class
  • Ensure their membership details are kept up to date

There are several ways our members can support the Trust:

  • An Informed Member: Members are kept informed of new developments and information about the Trust by receiving the Trust News magazine; are able to take part in the election of members to the Council of Governors and be invited to the Annual General Meeting.
  • An Involved Member: In addition to the above, members are invited to take part in a number of activities such as surveys, reviewing patient and carer information and attendance at special interest events.
  • An Active Member: In addition to the the above levels of involvement, being an Active Member is for those who express an interest in becoming a member of the Council of Governors or want to work actively with the Trust in another way, including helping in service development meetings and increasing their knowledge and skills in specific areas of interest.

For more information about Governors and the role they do, please click here.

These distinct levels of membership help us manage our membership effectively and ensure appropriate communication with members based on their informed choice.


How do I become a member?

If you wish to become a member please complete our online membership form, or send a paper application form to the below address.
Please note: You must be at least 16 years old to apply using this online form. 

Online Membership Application Form

Membership form[pdf] 4MB

Membership Office
Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust
Wayside House
Wilsons Lane

Membership Documents

Membership form[pdf] 4MB

Membership Strategy.pdf [pdf] 301KB

Members Charter.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Foundation Trust Easy Read Leaflet.pdf [pdf] 8MB

Tripartite Formal Agreements.pdf [pdf] 158KB


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