North Warwickshire Services

The North Warwickshire Physical Health Psychology Department provides a psychological service to patients of George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton.

Tel: 024 7635 0111
Fax: 024 7635 3744

Head of service: Dr Louise Price
Secretary: Jackie Garratt

The department of clinical psychology has the following members of staff:

Dr. Louise Price - Clinical Lead & Clinical Psychologist
Dr Ricky Barrows - Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Julie Highfield - Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Kate Martin - Clinical Psychologist
Dr Rachel Warren - Clinical Psychologist


Our service covers any patient who is under the services of the George Eliot Hospital. We offer specialist input to the following areas:

  • Maternity
  • Oncology
  • Stroke

However, we also have general funding to receive inpatient and outpatient referrals from across the hospital. We typically receive referrals from areas including diabetes, gastroenterology, and pain management.

We regret that currently we are unable to take direct referrals from GPs, or referrals for general neuropsychology. 

Stroke inpatient and outreach team Appointments

Lead by Dr Kate Martin, the team provide 2.5 days of service including neuropsychological assessment and psychological therapy to patients who have had a stroke who need input regarding reduced cognitive abilities or difficulties with mood and adjustment. Dr Martin also provides training and consultation to the team.


Maternity Appointments

Lead by Dr Julie Highfield, the team provide a service 2 days a week including assessment and psychological therapy for women in the perinatal period. Referrals include problems with pre-natal anxiety or depression, and post traumatic stress following traumatic birth. (Please note that post natal depression patients are referred to psychology services in their GP). Dr Highfield also provides consultation and training to the maternity team.


Oncology Appointments

Lead by Dr Rachel Warren, the team provide a service 2 days a week for patients with cancer. Referrals include problems with anxiety, depression, and adjustment. Dr Warren also provides consultation and training to the maternity team.


Pain Management Programme

Dr Warren provides psychological input as part of the George Eliot pain management group programme.


Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme

Dr Highfield provides education as part of the Cardiac Rehabilitation programme. In addition the team offer a 6 week programme to help with stress and mood management following heart attack or surgery.


Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme

Dr Highfield provides education as part of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme both in the hospital and in the community.


General Outpatient Appointments

The team are able to accept referrals for outpatient appointments from across the hospital. We welcome referrals from any George Eliot Team. In addition to our main services, we provide input to a number of teams e.g. diabetes, cardiology, respiratory medicine, occupational therapy, gastroenterology and many more.


General Inpatient Assessments

The team are available to assess patients on the ward if psychological opinion is required, or if psychological therapy may be indicated. Please note they are not able to provide emergency assessments or assessments of risk- this is the role of the Liaison Psychiatry team.


Staff training and Consultation

We provide staff training as and when requested- please contact Dr Julie Highfield if you would like to know more.


Making a Referral

Referrals are accepted from clinical teams working in the George Eliot Hospital.

Referrals can be made using our referral form, or by letter.

You may wish to telephone the team to discuss a referral.

We cannot accept self referrals or referrals directly from GPs or services outside of George Eliot Hospital