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Sexual Health

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Our Integrated Sexual Health Service can help you with care and advice on sexually transmitted infections and contraception in Coventry.

All services are completely free and confidential, including for under 16s. Services offered include clinic based appointments and drop in, outreach services out in the community and fully comprehensive HIV care.

Services are located on the 3rd Floor, City of Coventry Health Centre.

Information regarding sexual health services in Warwickshire can be found at:

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Integrated Sexual Health Services
3rd Floor
City of Coventry Health Centre
2 Stoney Stanton Road

Tel: 0300 020 0027 

Routine maintenance is taking place on the online booking service on 1 March and 7 March 2016.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Got IT? - Chlamydia Screening Programme

Tools and resources...

To view other resources including videos visit our Sexual Health Media section.